I'm an internationally networked head-hunter who has close working relationships with some of UK's best companies. If you'd like to learn about the opportunities I'm working on and have me represent you then please make an appointment for an informal and discreet telephone conversation.

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I am not bound to a single division and react to market demands. My current client list includes well-known multi-disciplinary consultancies, leading names in rail, nuclear, and construction and my research team looks for candidates all over the world to supply them. I help professionals advance their careers by placing them not only in the UK, but further afield too. Over the years I have found employment opportunities for candidates in countries including South Africa, Senegal, Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, South America, China, India and Chile.

I treat my candidates with respect and guarantee discretion. It's almost certain I'll have clients who have openings to suit a well-skilled candidate's circumstances and professional ambitions.

If you are C-level or a senior engineer looking to advance you career I can help.

I'm also very aware that professionals know their fellow professionals. Anyone who recommends me or introduces me to candidate who I go on to place will always be rewarded.